Online Donations

We will get through this challenging time ... and with help from you, St. Peter's will get through this with us. To that end, our Diocese has provided a very easy way to continue supporting our beloved St. Peter's with just a click or two of a computer mouse.

This link is offered for access to the DioLex website portal which collects funds and distributes them back to our parish without any processing fee being charged. All proceeds designated for St. Peter's are received by St. Peter's.

It really is simple - just click on the link, then

  • select the amount you wish to give,
  • under "Select a Fund" choose St. Peter's from the drop-down menu,
  • add your email address,
  • click "Continue"

There are other selections from which to choose, but it is hoped that you will choose St. Peter's as your first recipient.

"For it is in giving that we receive,"

St. Francis of Assisi